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Job Opening: Postdoc in Open Modeling of Decarbonization in China

Page updated Feb 1, 2024 with new application link. The UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) is hiring one or more postdoctoral researchers to conduct open modeling studies of accelerated decarbonization, with a particular focus on China. The postdoc will join the lab of the PI, Michael Davidson, Assistant Professor in GPS an...

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After APEC: What’s China’s Role in California’s Green Transition?

Against the backdrop of the 2023 APEC Leaders Week Summit in San Francisco and tense national geopolitics, hear about what’s next for collaboration and competition between California and China as we surge toward a green energy future. Read more and view the video:

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Electricity Market Tracker

The Power Transformation Lab and the Regulatory Assistance Project have launched a new open data and model platform researching China’s electricity market and policies. Electricity Market Tracker (EMT) is a multidimensional open data and model platform that supports in-depth research on China’s electricity market and policies. EMT tracks and ana...

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Lab members win US energy economics case competition

Lab members Manh Tri Dao, Jenny Nicolas, Shiny Choudhury, and Zhenhua Zhang win gold at the case competition hosted by the US Association for Energy Economics. This year’s competition involved the evaluation of geothermal projects for the hypothetical Energy Oversight Board (EOB), experienced in regulating conventional oil and gas but new to geo...

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Why China Can’t Break Its Coal Addiction

For years, environmentalists and energy policymakers have seen China’s reliance on coal as a major impediment to reducing global carbon emissions. Burning coal is the world’s single largest source of carbon dioxide emissions, and half of all coal-fired power stations are located in China. Full article Recommended citation: Davidson, M. R. (20...

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Job Opening: Staff Research Associate on China's electricity markets

DESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT OVERVIEW: The University of California’s only school of international affairs, the School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS) provides a unique resource for training leaders, creating ideas, and building networks for the governance of globalization and its local impacts. GPS is internationally renowned for its innovativ...

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Hard to Say Goodbye: South Korea, Japan, and China as the Last Lenders for Coal

The politics of international finance for coal power plants have intensified since the 2015 Paris climate agreement was negotiated. Over the past few years, Japan and South Korea have signaled their intent not to fund new coal projects overseas, leaving China and its Belt and Road Initiative as the ‘financier of last resort.’ In September 2021, ...

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Renewable Energy Pathways to Carbon Neutrality in China

China has announced ambitious climate policy goals of reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.1 To achieve these goals, it is crucial to decarbonize the largest carbon- emitting source, the power sector, which further enables the electrification of other sectors such as transportation, industry, and buildings. This p...

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Risks of decoupling from China on low-carbon technologies

China plays, and will likely continue to play, an indispensable role in research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) and manufacturing of low-carbon technologies that are necessary to address climate change. For example, China’s scale-up capabilities that are underpinned by manufacturing process improvements, supply chain optimization, an...

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New Course FA20: MAE207 Electric Power Systems Modeling

This course will teach students constrained optimization problems and associated solution methods, how to implement and apply linear and mixed integer linear programs to solve such problems using Julia/JuMP, and the practical application of such techniques in energy systems engineering. The course will first introduce students to the theory and...

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