Lab Members Present Research at Undergraduate Research Symposia

Topics include renewable energy resource mapping, energy equity, and the politics of regionalized power systems

Lab members – Arjun Sawhney, Justin Lu, Rambo Shi, Jeffrey Feng, Isac Lee, Ananya Thridandam, and Johnny Nguyen – presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Conference and the Online Undergraduate Research Symposium this month at UC San Diego. Topics ranged from renewable energy siting and state-level politics of renewable policies to equity implications of subsidizing household solar PV.

Arjun explored how to make siting India’s large RE expansion work in terms of the political economy in the states.

Justin and Rambo presented their work on supply curves for wind and solar in China considering various geographic constraints.

Jeffrey has been working on a python package to quickly pull down renewable resource profiles or other large geospatial datasets and combine with land use characteristics to explore siting questions.

Isac has been working with California datasets to explore the equity implications of (a) adoption incentives, and (b) production incentives (i.e., net metering) for household solar PV.

Ananya and Johnny explored how various stakeholders in the western energy grid interact with each other, thus defining some of the political constraints regarding the shift to an energy grid increasingly sourced by renewable energy.

Great work, everyone!

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